Fly Me to the Whales!


To make a reservation, call us or send us an e-mail.  Reservations made by e-mail are NOT confirmed until you receive a return e-mail from us that will verify that your requested date and time are available.  Flight instruction in a Seaplane or in a LAND Plane is available, but is subject to aircraft availability.  Helicopter and LAND Plane tours are available AT DISCOUNT PRICES.


You can choose your own departure times when available, so make your reservations early. FAA Certified Commercial Pilots conduct all our flights. All seats are window seats. All passengers are provided with headsets for special narration of the tour.  We also provide aerial photography and aerial video services, as well as flight instruction.

Passengers enjoy the security and safety of being in a seaplane when over the water during our Seaplane Safari. All our flight and water operations are conducted with a good neighbor policy. We avoid disturbing sea critters and we steer clear of boats, kayaks and human beach activities. When we fly in the air above the whales, seals and other sea life, we are far LESS intrusive than a boat with its whining boat motor(s) because boats have direct contact with the ocean (obviously). The motor boats typically used for commercial whale watching tours are many times more annoying to the sea animals because the boat noise is much louder to their ears. Also, boat propellers have the potential of harming sea creatures physically.

We are dedicated that your adventure with us is safe and enjoyable. We offer an unforgettable experience that you will treasure forever. Please call or e-mail us to schedule your memorable flight today. You may even find your own private paradise.

Terms and conditions:
• Check-in 20 minutes prior to departure, photo IDs are required for pre-paid flights.
• Exact flight routes, visible landmarks and flight times may vary slightly due to weather conditions and other air traffic.
• Wind & wave conditions may prevent a water takeoff & landing.
• There is no guarantee that we will see blue whales, gray whales, killer whales or any other kind of whales.
• 24-hour cancellation notice is required.
• A 10% service fee will be applied to all cancellations.
• No refunds for cancellations that are less than 24 hours of your scheduled tour, no refunds for a “no-show”.


2015  PRICES:

LOCAL  AIR  TOURS of  Catalina Island by Seaplane departing from the ocean north of Avalon  OR

LOCAL  AIR  TOURS of  Long Beach Coast and/or of LA/ Palos Verdes Coast:

( For Long Beach Coast and/or of LA/ Palos Verdes Coast, Seaplane Tour departures are from the water near Cabrillo Beach in San Pedro or Long Beach Harbor or from Long Beach Airport, John Wayne Airport or Fullerton Airport.  Please confirm departure location when booking Seaplane Tour.)

We can also leave from & return directly to your Sailboat,

Motor Boat or Rental Boat.


10 Minute Seaplane Air Tour:

$ 195 per person


20 Minute Seaplane Air Tour:


$ 260 per person

$ 500 for 2 people, ($ 250 each)

$ 960 for 4 people, ($ 240 each)


30 Minute Seaplane Whale Watching Safari Air Tour:

$ 310 per person

$ 600 for 2 people, ($ 300 each)

$ 1,100 for 4 people, ($ 275 each)


CATALINA  ISLAND  AIR  TOUR from Long Beach or LA Harbor:

(Seaplane Tour departures are from the water near Cabrillo Beach in San Pedro (LA Harbor) or Long Beach Harbor or from Long Beach Airport, John Wayne Airport or Fullerton Airport.  Hawthorne Airport, Santa Monica  Airport and other airports are available upon request.  Please confirm departure location when booking your Seaplane Tour.)

Long Beach to Catalina (15 min), Catalina Island Tour (15 Min), Catalina to Long Beach (15 min) plus 5 minute water taxi in seaplane before and after the flight (45 to 50 minutes Total):

$ 390 per person

$ 760 for 2 people, ($ 380 each)

$ 1,500 for 4 people, ($ 375 each)

Above prices were posted on May 5, 2015