Waterworld and other films


San Diego Seaplanes designed and constructed (in San Diego) the seaplane used in the blockbuster starring Kevin Costner and directed by Kevin Costner and Kevin Renolds.

The pictures above are from the movie set on the Big Island of Hawaii

Check out the links below to watch some WaterWorld movie clips and see our seaplane in action pulling 4 waterskiers and attacking the floating atoll.  (Hey KIDS, get your parents permission FIRST !   In the movie clip there are guns, explosions and mean guys trying to kill people  . . . all the sick stuff you like to watch, but get your parents’ permission 1st. * * * * IF YOU ARE UNDER 14 years old then DO NOT WATCH the movie clips until you get older, Thanks):



“A1 Triad”

The A1 Triad was the first Amphibious Seaplane to fly on the planet.  In the winter of 1911, the A1 Triad was taking off and landing on the San Diego Bay, piloted by its designer Glenn Curtis and also piloted by the first US Naval Aviator.  The A1 Triad was the first aircraft purchase by the United States Navy later in 1911.   As the US Navy began to buy seaplanes and train pilots, hundreds of Navy pilots were trained on San Diego Bay.

The Triad Seaplane in the photo to the right was flown by Michael Steel and was on loan from the San Diego Air & Space Museum to participate in the “100 Year Anniversary of Naval Aviation” on North Island, Coronado in February of 2011.   After the A1 Triad made a takeoff and landing on San Diego Bay to start off the Centenial celebration, the US Navy Blue Angles flew over San Diego Bay followed by 200 vintage and modern war birds.  It was the largest arial display of Naval War Birds since WWII>

Photo of the A1 Triad on Feb. 12th, 2011.