Catalina Island Seaplane Tours

Explore the “Island of Romance” from the Sea & Air.

 Catalina Island Seaplane Tour Highlights

A Seaplane Safari of Sights

Take off & landing from the clear blue waters of picturesque Avalon or White’s Landing or depart & return to Long Beach Harbor or Cabrillo Beach in San Pedro, Port of LA.


Come Fly to Catalina with Us!

Two Harbors, Catalina Island

Avalon by Seaplane

Two Harbors by Air

Cat Harbor Seaplane View

Explore Catalina by Air

You will experience a combination SEA & AIR Tour as we begin as a boat and takeoff into the air in our seaplane. We takeoff and land from the water just north and west of Avalon.  We operate with a “GOOD NEIGHBOR”  policy –  if there are several sailboats or motor boats near us on the water, we patiently wait for them to move clear of our takeoff or landing path.  Frequently we will water taxi the seaplane far enough away as to keep well clear of other vessels and to keep our takeoff noise to a minimum.  We have operated commercial seaplanes over three decades and have never had a boater complain that we were too close or too noisy.

The air above the Pacific Ocean is usually calm and cool as we soar through the skies with the trusted skills of one of our experienced pilots.  Our Seaplane Air Tours are inherently safe as we are over the water for just about the entire flight.  We have maintained a perfect safety record and have never harmed a passenger or lost a seaplane.  Passengers enjoy the confidence in our well maintained aircraft and highly skilled and trained pilots.

The many sights of Catalina Island include spectacular sea cliffs, clear blue water and the picturesque town of Avalon. During our seaplane adventure you will see unparalleled views of secluded coves and beaches and sights unique to Catalina Island.   We offer an unforgettable experience that you will treasure forever.   Single passengers will need to be scheduled with other groups.  A single couple will usually be combined with other passengers.  Or you can choose to book a seaplane just for your small group for an additional fee.  Reserve your memorable flight today.  You may even find your own private paradise.


PRICES from Avalon, Catalina Island:

LOCAL  AIR  TOURS of  Catalina Island by Seaplane from  Avalon

(Departures are from the water north & west of Avalon.  We can also leave from & return directly to your Sailboat, Motor Boat or Rental Boat)


10 Minute Seaplane Air Tour:

$ 195 per person


20 Minute Seaplane Air Tour:


$ 260 per person

$ 500 for 2 people, ($ 250 each)

$ 960 for 4 people, ($ 240 each)


30 Minute Seaplane Whale Watching Safari Air Tour:

$ 310 per person

$ 600 for 2 people, ($ 300 each)

$ 1,100 for 4 people, ($ 275 each)


CATALINA  ISLAND  AIR TOUR from Long Beach or LA Harbor

(Seaplane Tour departures are from the water near Cabrillo Beach in San Pedro (LA Harbor) or Long Beach Harbor or from Long Beach Airport, John Wayne Airport or Fullerton Airport.  Hawthorne Airport, Santa Monica  Airport and other airports are available upon request.  Please confirm departure location when booking your Seaplane Tour.)

Long Beach to Catalina (15 min), Catalina Island Tour (15 Min), Catalina to Long Bch (15 min) plus 5 minute water taxi in seaplane before and after the flight (45 to 50 minutes Total):

$ 395 per person

$ 760 for 2 people, ($ 380 each)

$ 1,500 for 4 people, ($ 375 each)

Sea LifeSeaplane+and+boat+at+Catalina+Island$2C+CAL+1-808-SEA-PLANe+or+1-808-732-7526

Keep an eye out when we fly along the coast as we often see playful dolphins, sea lions, seals, sharks, Blue Whales and other sea creatures.

Weather Conditions

Flights are dependent upon the weather and water conditions.  High waves, high winds or fog may delay flights or require flights to be rescheduled.  Flights are not available on all days.

seaplane kayak tours Catalina Island

Combo Tours

Take a  FUN  TOUR  FLIGHT  around Catalina Island and after your flight, hop on ocean Kayaks for an eco-adventure tour of Catalina Island from the water.  You will experience an exciting Seaplane Takeoff from the water, followed by a spectacular Local Air Tour of the Island and then an equally thrilling Seaplane water landing when you return.  After your unforgettable Seaplane Adventure, you will meet up with waiting kayaks and Tour Guide and head out on a picturesque coastline trek or simply bask in the pristine waters off the coast of the island, or kayak to a remote beach and have a Romantic Beach Picnic.  Whatever you decide, you will be sure to put some mileage between you and civilization as we know it.  Relax and visit a little bit of Paradise.